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All of our products  are slimmed down to what you really need, and only have features that truly enhance your production. Bring your project to the next level with our high-end preamps, in-line preamps, problem solvers and more!

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AI-modelled plugin of our legacy tube preamp

Boost your microphone
Boost your condenser microphone
Preamp with germanium harmonics
Preamp with nickel core transformer
Microphone preamp with high pass filter
Preamp for live and broadcast application
Your Ultimate Showcase and Storage Solution
Blocks phantom power, not the signal
Passive -15 dB attenuator 
The ultimate levitation damper
Phantom powered instrument preamp
Instrument preamp for piezo pickups
Low THD dual channel phantom power supply


We believe in sharing our passion for music and audio electronics. This passion created the base for Triton Audio. Our friendship and different backgrounds in sound engineering, pro audio, and music production resulted in a strong partnership. 


We take pride in taking care of you and will always do what it takes to help a customer. Triton Audio provides, from the date of purchase, to the original purchaser, a 24-month limited warranty. 


Our products are designed without deadlines and budget limits. We make no compromises on performance and quality. Our products are extremely low maintenance and designed and built to last a lifetime.