Rule the sound waves
with Triton Audio

We invent and produce innovative pro audio gear which excels in design and quality.

case with microphones


We are sound engineers, like you. When we need a product that’s not on the market, we set out to build it ourselves. If we find a product that can be improved, we will do so. And then, we like to share our inventions with our fellow tradesmen.

Each product is carefully designed, tested and assembled, right here in The Netherlands. We don’t believe in deadlines. We only release a product when it’s perfect.

All of our product are slimmed down to what you really need and only have features that truly enhance your music.

So rule the sound waves, with Triton Audio

Our products

For sound engineers

Enhance your audio productions.

For artists

Pocket size tools for on the road or in the studio.

For podcasting

Boost your microphone!

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