We are sound engineers, like you. When we need a product that’s not on the market, we set out to build it ourselves. If we find a product that can be improved, we will do so. And then, we like to share our inventions with our fellow tradesmen.

So rule the sound waves, with Triton Audio

We love audio equipment and see it as our mission to create devices that make a form of art from every sound


Triton Audio emerged from the shared passion and expertise of Erwin Erkamp and Peter-Paul Wijte. Our journey began with a profound love for music and a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship of vintage audio equipment, a sentiment that would shape our company’s ethos for years to come.

In the early 1990s, Peter-Paul, already intrigued by electronics since childhood, found himself delving into the world of tube gear while working alongside Dutch tube guru Gerbrand Fust. This formative experience not only honed his technical skills but also ignited a passion for developing high-quality audio equipment. Meanwhile, Erwin, driven by his love for reggae music and the intricate soundscapes of dub reggae, was crafting his own home studio, inspired by the legendary Black Ark.


The convergence of our shared interests and expertise led to the inception of Triton Audio in 2006. Fueled by our desire to create audio gear that transcends the limitations of mass-produced, marketing-driven products, we  embarked on a journey to merge functionality, design, and uncompromising quality.

In our early days, we delved into the world of tube-based pro audio gear, crafting microphone preamps and even venturing into tube microphone construction. Drawing inspiration from revered brands like Telefunken and Philips, we aimed to blend vintage charm with modern innovation.

Our dedication paid off, earning us recognition as a boutique manufacturer. Handcrafted in the Netherlands, our products received praise for their exceptional quality. From problem-solving solutions like the BigAmp in-line preamp to the widely-loved FetHead, we quickly became synonymous with excellence in the audio community.


In 2012, we unveiled the D2O Microphone Preamp. Drawing inspiration from iconic designs like the Telefunken V series, the D2O showcased our commitment to pushing boundaries. With its unique blend of solid-state electronics and subminiature tubes, the D2O offered a versatile sonic palette that appealed to discerning musicians and engineers alike. NeoLev represents another innovation from Triton Audio: magnetic levitation dampers designed to provide optimal decoupling. Utilizing the repelling force of two neodymium magnets, NeoLev offers a near-perfect solution for isolating equipment and minimizing vibrations. And what about our True Phantom? It improves upon the existing phantom power standard by achieving lower distortion and a better signal-to-noise ratio.


In addition to the founders, Erwin and Peter-Paul, guitarist, producer, and (sound) designer Max Sombroek became part of Triton Audio in 2015. Initially, he lent a hand now and then, but as the workload increased, his involvement grew. In recent years, he has evolved into a partner in our business.

In 2022, Hidde joined our team as an intern, showcasing his skills in 3D drawing and circuit board design. By 2024, he officially became a valued member of our team, further enriching our collective expertise and creativity. Together, we form the dynamic and innovative team behind Triton Audio.


In late 2023, we relocated to a much larger facility, marking an exciting new chapter for Triton Audio. This expansive space not only accommodates our growth plans, but also houses a beautiful recording studio. Serving as both a testing ground for our products and as a showroom for our latest innovations. Additionally, we find solace and creativity in crafting music during our downtime. At Triton Audio, our passion for innovation extends beyond our professional endeavors into the realms of art and expression.