A breathe of fresh air.

Experience pristine audio quality like never before with True Phantom, the revolutionary dual-channel P48 Phantom power supply. lower distortion with our patented technology, designed to enhance the performance of all phantom-powered microphones.

True Phantom

Low THD phantom power supply

True Phantom is a dual channel P48 Phantom power supply. Compared to traditional phantom power supplies, True Phantom achieves lower distortion and an improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio. Based on patented technology True Phantom enables unparalleled performance from your microphone. 

The advantages of our True Phantom are easily heard and will work with all phantom powered microphones. True Phantom does not affect the frequency response of the microphone but lowers the microphone’s output total harmonic distortion (THD)  significantly. Literally a breath of fresh air.


Circuit topology 

For powering condenser microphones, the IEC 61938 phantom power supply has been the standard for decades. Although being proven technology, there are several disadvantages to the current implementation. The microphone signal, for instance is not completely available to the microphone preamp. A 6K8 resistor presents a load to the microphone’s circuit. This causes distortion and reduces the available signal. Also, with the IEC 61938 phantom power implementation, isolation from the rest of the preamp or mixer circuit is not complete, this can negatively affect noise performance.

True Phantom uses patented technology which overcomes these problems. Our circuit consists of a low noise internal power supply which powers an active, low noise P48 phantom power circuit. True Phantom’s electronics enables the microphone to operate at no-load condition, which lowers distortion and improves noise performance compared to the current implementation.

 True phantom is based on patented technology developed by J. Kist.


  • Dual channels for stereo recording
  • XLR inputs / outputs
  • Power on indicator
  • Ground lift switch
  • Built in high-end phantom blocking circuit
  • Direct switch, bypasses the phantom blocking circuit
  • Switchable internal 115/230 VAC power supply


We believe in sharing our passion for music and audio electronics. This passion created the base for Triton Audio. Our friendship and different backgrounds in sound engineering, pro audio, and music production resulted in a strong partnership. 


We take pride in taking care of you and will always do what it takes to help a customer. Triton Audio provides, from the date of purchase, to the original purchaser, a 24-month limited warranty. 


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