Exeptional live and broadcast sound.

Amplify your microphone signal with +23dB for superior live and broadcast sound. FetHead Broadcast delivers pristine sound quality for dynamic or condenser mics. A low impedance output buffer enables output drive to long cables without the need of a power supply or batteries.

FetHead Broadcast

Preamp for live and broadcast application

FetHead Broadcast is an in-line microphone preamplifier specially designed for operating in challenging live environments. FetHead Broadcast offers 23dB of low noise high quality amplification which can be applied to either dynamic or condenser microphones as phantom power is transferred to the microphone.

Live and broadcast environments

In broadcast or live performance situations, a microphone signal often travels through long cables before reaching the mixing desk. When small microphone signals travel adjacent to power lines or dimmed light cables, audible signal interference is likely to be induced into the microphone cable. Fethead Broadcast amplifies the microphone signal before the cable and greatly improves the signal to noise ratio offering a much higher quality signal to the mixing desk. A low impedance output buffer enables output drive to long cables (up to 3000 meters). Another advantage is that the FetHead Broadcast does not need main supplies or batteries.


Connect your microphone on the input XLR of your Fethead Broadcast. At the opposite side an XLR cable runs from your Fethead Broadcast to the mixer/preamp. it’s ready for use with any type of phantom powered setup. Fethead Broadcast uses phantom power to power its circuitry, but also provides enough phantom power to power the connected microphone


  • For all types of microphones
  • Low noise Class A FET amplifier
  • Low impedance output buffer
  • 23 dB amplification
  • Rugged enclosure with balanced XLR input/output
  • Internal rumble filter
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Z-in 680 Ω
  • frequency response 40Hz – 100 kHz (+/- 1dB)
  • Circuit is powered with 48V phantom power


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