Do you really offer a lifetime warranty on the NOS germanium transistor?

Yes we do, we offer a lifetime warranty on the NOS germanium transistor in our FetHead Germanium, and this is why: We absolutely love the sound of the “new old stock” germanium transistor we’ve used in the circuit of our FetHead Germanium. We couldn’t find any equivalent among currently produced electronic components that sounded as […]

What is the difference between the regular FetHead and the FetHead Phantom?

Our classic FetHead and the FetHead Phantom are both in-line microphone preamplifiers designed to provide clean gain to microphones, but they differ in their compatibility and power handling. Our FetHead Phantom is specifically designed for condenser microphones or other phantom-powered devices. It utilizes phantom power to operate and also passes it through to power the […]

What is the difference between your classic Fethead, FetHead Germanium and FetHead Transformer?

If you’re looking to preserve your sound’s natural clarity, our standard FetHead offers ultra-linear amplification without altering its tone. However, if you crave a touch of color to enhance your audio, consider our specialized options: FetHead Germanium: boosts your signal by +29dB, delivering punchy and rich mid-tones for added character. FetHead Transformer: with a +28dB […]

What is the maximum XLR cable length to power a FetHead?

For optimal performance, we recommend using high-quality 3-pin XLR cables with excellent shielding. With this conditions a FetHead should be capable of reaching distances between 125 to 150 meters, depending on the cable capacity. Additionally, to maintain the highest audio fidelity, it’s advisable to keep the cable lengths as short as possible.

Can I use the FetHead on the preamp side of the signal chain?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to use a FetHead on the input of your audio interface, mixer or microphone preamp. Of course you can also plug your FetHead right into your microphone, or use it at anywhere in between. Don’t forget, our FetHead needs phantom power to operate.

Which FetHead is best for my Røde NTG-2 or other battery powered microphone?

Battery-powered microphones and a FetHead Phantom not always work well together. For a microphone like the Rode NTG-2 or any other battery-powered microphone, the regular FetHead would be the most suitable option. Since the microphone already has its own power source (battery), it doesn’t rely on phantom power from the preamp or mixer. Therefore, the regular […]

My FetHead distorts the signal, how can I solve this?

Insufficient phantom power voltage may result in compromised performance from our products, particularly if they require the full 48 volts to operate optimally. For some smaller or more affordable mixers that might not output the full 48 volts of phantom power, our standard FetHead operates effectively within a range of 24 to 48 volts. However, […]

My FetHead doesn’t work, what can I do?

Ensure that your P48 phantom power is activated and that you’re using 3-pin XLR cables. If this step hasn’t resolved your issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for further assistance. We’re here to help!