What is the difference between the regular FetHead and the FetHead Phantom?

Our classic FetHead and the FetHead Phantom are both in-line microphone preamplifiers designed to provide clean gain to microphones, but they differ in their compatibility and power handling.

Our FetHead Phantom is specifically designed for condenser microphones or other phantom-powered devices. It utilizes phantom power to operate and also passes it through to power the connected microphone. Our FetHead Phantom is suitable for microphones that require phantom power to function properly.

Our classic FetHead is designed for dynamic and ribbon microphones. It requires phantom power to operate, but it doesn’t pass phantom power to the microphone itself.

It boosts the signal of dynamic and ribbon microphones without introducing noise or coloration, providing additional clean gain for low-output microphones.

In summary, while both versions of FetHead serve the purpose of boosting microphone signals, the regular FetHead is for dynamic and ribbon microphones, while the FetHead Phantom is for condenser microphones or other phantom-powered devices. Both require an audio interface, mixer, mic preamp, or other device that generates phantom power.