Triton Audio provides, from the date of purchase, to the original purchaser, a 24-month limited warranty.

This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. At the time of service, the owner will need to be able to provide evidence of date and place of purchase. TritonAudio does not cover damage or failure caused by abuse, misuse, faulty installation, improper maintenance, or any repairs not carried out by TritonAudio. Items which are not covered by warranty are those considered as parts which are prone to failure due to general wear and tear or electrical failure. For example – lamps, fuses, and tubes. There will be no obligations or liability on the part of TritonAudio for consequential damages arising from the use of the product or any indirect damages with respect to loss of property, revenue, or costs for removal, installation, or re-installation. For warranty service the product must be reported to TritonAudio. You will be advised of where to send the faulty product. All shipping charges for returns should be pre-paid. If the requested repairs or service are within the terms of this warranty then the item will be returned to you. The unit must be in its original packaging with any original accessories. TritonAudio will not be responsible or accept any liabilities for any loss or damage to additional items which are sent with returned product. If the product is not covered under the terms of this warranty. TritonAudio will advise you of the costs to carry out any repairs necessary and the unit will be shipped to you on receipt of payment for the work including the return freight charges.We cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping.

We take pride in taking care of you and will always do what it takes to help a customer.