How much weight can one single Neolev lift?

One single NeoLev lifts up to 8 kg. For example, if you have a speaker weighing 30 kg, you would need 6 NeoLevs to levitate the speaker. For stability we advise to use a minimum of 4 NeoLevs.

Are NeoLevs adjustable?

The inner stainless steel ring of each NeoLev is adjustable. This ensures perfect levelling.

Is there an optimal start-up sequence for a Phantom Blocker?

Before you connect the device you wish to shield from phantom power, make sure your phantom blocker is attached to the cable and have phantom power engaged. Wait 5 seconds, during which phantom blockers internal bleeder resistors will cancel out voltage differences. Connecting in this order prevents the transfer of an initial AC voltage burst […]

What are different applications for Phantom Blocker?

• Microphones There are microphones (mainly ribbon microphones) which do not tolerate phantom power. Connecting a ribbon microphone to a cable which has phantom power applied sends a rush of current through the microphone’s transformer, this current gets amplified by the transformer into the primary circuit of the microphone and forces the ribbon out of […]