This is Triton Audio

We are sound engineers, like you. When we need a product that’s not on the market, we set out to build it ourselves. If we find a product that can be improved, we will do so. And then, we like to share our inventions with our fellow tradesmen.

Each product is carefully designed, tested and assembled, right here in The Netherlands. We don’t believe in deadlines. We only release a product when it’s perfect.

All of our products are slimmed down to what you really need and only have features that truly enhance your music. 


In 2021 we renewed our logo. We have also changed the look and feel of our website and packaging. However, the functioning of our products has not changed at all. A FetHead with an old logo will perform exactly the same as one with our new logo.


Preamp with germanium harmonics

FetHead Germanium is high quality in-line microphone preamplifier. It provides a punchy and direct, ‘larger than life’ germanium sound for dynamic and ribbon microphones. Sounding full and rich it is reminiscent of much higher priced vintage gear, making FetHead Ge's desirable coloration a really great addition to (interface) preamps which sound rather neutral. Our FetHead Germanium utilizes tried and true FET technology combined with a hand selected “New Old Stock” Germanium transistor to deliver 29dB's of germanium flavored boost.

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